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Top 30 cities by population.


I am looking at finishing out the top 20 city fire department decals. Here is a list of the top 30 cities, and a note as to the decals. I have done a few outside of the top 20. It wont happen all that soon, but its something to shoot for.

1   New York City            Done
2   Los Angeles            Done, city and county
3   Chicago                    Done
4   Houston                    At printer now
5   Phoenix                    Done previously, new artwork almost finished. Expect 2nd quarter this year.
6   Philadelphia            Done, all new update at printer.
7   San Antonio            At printer now
8   San Diego               Done previously, an all new sheet in the works for this year.
9   Dallas               started the artwork
10   Austin               some basic artwork started
11   San Jose               Nothing
12   Fort Worth               Done
13   Jacksonville                Nothing
14   Columbus                    Done
15   Charlotte                    Nothing
16   Indianapolis                Nothing
17   San Francisco              Done
18   Seattle                     Nothing
19   Denver                     Done
20   Washington             Done previously, an all new sheet in the works for this year.
21   Boston                     Done twice
22   El Paso                        Nothing   
23   Nashville                     Nothing    
24   Oklahoma City             Nothing
25   Las Vegas                 Done
26   Detroit                Done
27   Portland                     Nothing            
28   Memphis                     Nothing   
29   Louisville                     Nothing    
30   Milwaukee                   Nothing


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